…is ugly as sin. After looking at what Martin did with his portfolio and the new site for The Nimbus I definitely need to clean this space up.

Speaking of The Nimbus, we were talking about wanting to play more lounge shows and a few hours later received an email asking if we would play headhunters lounge stage for a 4/20 bday bash. Some awesome other bands, including Black Undercurrent, and go-go dancers all night apparently. Should be good times.

Also, posted a new demo so you should have a listen. Here’s “The Giants”:

It’s also looking like panjoma has a show in May (updates as they come) as well as a short tour early-mid summer.

Life’s been an interesting beast lately… But as the late, great Hunter S. Thompson said.. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” And he was absolutely correct.

More nonsense soon. -R