For the last few weeks I’ve been busy packing for a move, practicing, remixing (my friends in The Razorblade Dolls, which I’ll post a streaming version after they release the single this month) and ironing out the kinks in the covers for The Nimbus. Martin and I are performing both a full set of covers and a full set of originals on Aug. 24th at The Red Eyed Fly in the Lounge.


It also happens to be celebrating my va-jay-jay slide to freedom day (birfin’day for you lamens).


Been busy rearranging some tracks and remastering my first full-length instrumental album, Diodes & Diatribes… 17 tracks of mind-altering electronica that clocks in at over a hour… Originally I did a small free release a few years ago and this will be the first time it’s available since.
Right this moment as I’m typing, Tink’s busy compiling and rendering my second instrumental album.. An hour’s worth of new/previously unreleased and rare material ready to take you to new levels and untouched solar systems.
Both will be available very soon as digital releases through Bandcamp… Updates and artwork testers soon.
And more updates involving subNatural and Thrill Kill Kult

(playing on Sept. 28th @ Elysium)