The festival is over and it’s the first year I didn’t play.. However I ran sound for (give or take) 70 bands and damn am I beat. I can’t even tell you how many hours total I worked but I know it’s the most ever in such a short time… but I survived and it was the best SX experience I’ve ever had.. Even with the manic highs and lows of being constantly surrounded by strangers with no privacy, a rare bathroom break and being lucky to even catch 4 hours of sleep a night..

I’ve got some things on the burner now:

-Artwork for Guild
-Producing the new Art vs. Industry album (with Tyler Drone of Drone, 16volt and The New Slaves)
-Recording demos for The Nimbus
-Writing new demo tracks for Panjoma
-Recording an album for Carbon Theory
-trying to finally get some more subN recording and new song writing in…

I’ve got a few other projects but these are definitely my highest priority (in randumb order of course) and I’ve decided I REALLY need to update my site’s “image”. I think I’m a sado masochist or just a neurotic nut sometimes…

I hope to roll out the new design soon but please stay in tune for more updates soon!