…normalizing a bit on this side of things… and the new place is shaping up nicely..

I’ve been culminating artwork and audio for the lonely portfolio section on this page… Unfortunately I decided to use my free time this week away from the compy on movies and video games.. which was excellent.

So I’ve mentioned news a few times, right? Well, Panjoma‘s signed to Sunset Records… so we’ll see where that takes us 😀 We’re working on new material now and have a show coming up at Beauty Bar on Oct. 13th.

subN’s been in the studio recently and may be presenting some more merch, music and news soon as well.

I’m almost ready to try finishing up 2 solo ventures (maybe guests, maybe not… unfortunately time isn’t working with me on the whole standing still thing)..

I’ve gotta get back to some logo design, programming before heading to work and running sound for a hip-hop show down @ the Red Eyed Fly later.. Should be pretty solid judging the line up..

Out for now…