…I’ve been getting called that a lot more often lately. S’pose that means I’m getting back to my roots.

Just thought I’d share.

On a true bit of web-worth: Solo album (maybe 2) will be going up shortly. As well as links to other music projects/bands/etc. I’ve been trying to decide what route to go with for releases… It’s getting tougher to decide going with small label, DIY middleman (tunecore, bandcamp) or now Google’s Music Beta has grown up into full release, with option of a one-time upfront fee to sell direct though them. Check it out.

mm444 (mopestarmedia) should be stopping by tomorrow so we can record some demos of our newer project, The Nimbus, which is a little alt-rock meets trip-hop and a lot of other bits in between. I think I’ll be using this piece of artwork for something Nimbus related… but we’ll see:

Either way, I’ve finally played catch-up on most of my cyber-communications and found a balance in keeping updated. Now onto getting it all UPDATED!!.. Talk more soon.

Out for now…

Dag.. I’ve gotta update my doodle sig too.. My lazy-ass has a lot more hair now. 😀